About Me: Professional Video Surveillance and Security Specialist

Hello! My name is Grisha, and I am an expert in the field of video surveillance, access control, and security systems. I embarked on my journey in this field during my first year at the Odessa National Academy, where I successfully completed the master's degree program.

Experience and Achievements:

Immediately after finishing my studies, I entered the programming world, where I spent several years before founding my own company. My specialization lies in the installation of video surveillance, access control, and alarm systems. Over time, my company became a leading player in the market, prompting me to expand the team to handle the growing number of projects. My experience includes over 4,000 installed cameras throughout Ukraine. I specialize not only in simple projects but also in implementing complex systems, such as the "safe city". I developed the software suite "Cheetah 2," which became an integral part of the Ukrainian national police, providing efficient online connection to cameras across the city and aiding in the search for wanted vehicles.

"Cheetah 2" Software Suite:

One of my significant achievements is the development of the "Cheetah 2" software suite (proprietary rights owned). This program became a key element in video surveillance systems, enabling online interaction with cameras installed throughout the city.

Features of "Cheetah 2":

Technical Expertise:

My thorough knowledge of surveillance systems encompasses all stages from equipment selection to wiring and configuration. As a developer, I have written my own programs, including websites, entertainment portals, online stores, as well as automatic parking and accounting programs.

Diverse Projects:

My experience includes installing video surveillance in shopping centers, factories, warehouses, homes, cottages, gas stations, banks, beauty salons, car washes, and many other areas.

With my professionalism and diverse experience, I am ready to tackle the most complex and unconventional projects in the field of video surveillance and security. Contact me to ensure reliable protection for your property!


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